Friday, August 31, 2012

Mary Ann's navel

Sure, we were allowed a glimpse of it now and then. She would reach up, jump, maneuver ever so slightly that the very top of it peeked at you... yet a full eye full was ever elusive. I'm talking, of course about Dawn Wells on the legendary sitcom Gilligan's Island. That she had a body to die for was without question... the provocatively tied half shirts and short-shorts left no doubt. But the fact that network standards and practices forced the show's wardrobe department to come up with innumerable clever ways to hide Mary Ann's cute little tummy button made the exposure of it so much more anticipated. Then, in 1981, Dawn would have her revenge. At the tender age of 41 (at time of shooting), and looking as drop-dead gorgeous as ever, the rumors were finally laid to rest. Mary Ann really was a mammal. In fact, several shots on the TV movie "Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island" seemed specifically designed to flout Dawn's bare belly in full view... so drooling fans could get a screen full of the forbidden flesh.

Dawn Wells Mary Ann navel bellybutton
Dawn Wells hot

The video proof:


  1. Her tummy is so hot. I want to cum all over it!

  2. Her navel was showing on the "Postman Cometh" episode. The beginning of episode.